Friday, February 23, 2007

Ebook: Women's Guide To Buying Your First Handgun

It's part of the Firearms/Pistol for Life Series. Here's a little summary:

Many books on handguns are not for beginners, and especially beginners who are women. This book fills that void by providing advice to female beginners who are considering purchasing a handgun. The book does not delve into the history, philosophy, psychology and politics of guns. It is meant to be a quick, practical guide that gives advice on attributes and features of a handgun that need to be considered by women. The classic decision between revolver versus semi-automatic pistol is discussed, and recommendations of make and model available in the marketplace are given. Also discussed are issues of whether to buy new or used and whether to order on the Internet or locally. Finally, all the steps are summarized about what you need to do before and during the shopping process.

You can order the book from at the following link:

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